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General Nutrition

For those looking to eat better and optimize their nutrition.

Weight Loss

For those looking to lose unwanted, excess weight and are ready to change their life!

Diabetes Management

For those diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes and are looking to gain better control of their blood sugar.

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Personalized MEAL PLANS

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Here's What My Clients Have to Say....

"I reached out to Ellen to help with optimal nutrition as I fell off track with some of my goals over the past few months during quarantine life. She helped me to identify a framework for success that was both simple to follow and effective.  She is a kind and empathetic coach who made me feel very comfortable. If you're looking for help with weight management, nutrition/general wellness or accountability, I'd highly recommend working with Ellen."

John David R.

"Today, I had a 60 minute consultation with Ellen, and she provided SO much information and really personalized it for me. You can tell she listens and really takes into account everything about you and uses that to create a personalized plan for how to reach your goals. She made me feel very comfortable opening up to her about my history regarding food and wellness, and just overall made a very safe space. She is excellent at what she does, and I am excited to incorporate this new information into my day to day routine!"

Ma'at H.

"Ellen was great at meeting me where I was and helping me build on the skills that I currently have, while also providing insight and education about other routes I can take in my journey to better health. Ellen was personable, nonjudgemental, knowledgeable, and very validating--which is so important when we're talking about changing lifestyle habits/patterns. Highly recommend!"


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